NEW Sunshine® Cloths Make Polishing Even Easier

Now you can remove fine scratches and achieve an even brighter, long-lasting luster with Sunshine® Satin and Sunshine® Soft polishing cloths.

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Introducing Two New Ways to Achieve the Perfect Polish.

Combined with the original Sunshine® Cloth, this NEW jewelry polishing trio is essential to any bench or shop.
Sunshine Satin Logo
Sunshine Satin cloth smoothing and cleaning a silver medallion

New Sunshine® Satin Combats Abrasions and Smoothes Rough Edges!

This revolutionary double-sided cloth features a micro-abrasive polishing cloth bonded to a fine-abrasive sanding cloth. One side lightly sands leaving a fine satin finish. The other cleans and polishes to a high shine.

Sunshine Cloth Logo
Original Sunshine cloth removing tough tarnish from a silver buckle

Original Sunshine® Cloth Removes Tough Tarnish!

Soft, effective original Sunshine® Cloth, with its special non-scratch micro-abrasives, eliminates stubborn tarnish and cleans jewelry brilliantly.

Example of polishing results demonstrated by all three polishing cloths on a ring
Sunshine Soft Logo
Sunshine Soft cloth polishing a diamond ring

New Sunshine® Soft Cloths are Ideal for Delicate Tasks!

Less abrasive than our original yellow cloth, Sunshine® Soft safely cleans and polishes jewelry, glass, mirrors and most metals, leaving a deep, long-lasting luster.

Sunshine Cloth Displays, packages, tubes and envelopes.

The Perfect Impulse Add-On.

Offer your customers their own little bit of Sunshine with our professional re-sale products.  Displays are great for point-of-sale add-ons and envelopes can be hot foil stamped with your brand artwork.

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At the bench, in your store or in your customers' homes, Sunshine® Cloth is THE tool to brighten everything!

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